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It’s time for new ideas and actions that come from new sources, utilizing fresh talent and approaches.

The Indifference Challenge is a global competition to find and support innovative projects fighting indifference towards discrimination, especially racism, antisemitism, misogyny, as well as discrimination against migrants and refugees, and LGBTQIA+ people.

Winners of The Indifference Challenge will be awarded with up to € 30 000 in funding to carry out their proposals with long-term support from the Auschwitz Pledge Foundation and Partners.

Open Call for proposals begins on January 26th. Due to the extraordinary situation and the fact that many of our potential participants got involved in providing humanitarian assistance to refugees from Ukraine, we  extended submission deadline by 3 weeks – submit your proposal via SmarterSelect until April 11th, 2022.

Who can participate?

The Challenge targets innovators and non-governmental organizations, universities, startups, companies, public institutions, religious associations or informal groups from all over the world.

Your team must consist of at least 3 people and be able to communicate in English.

We know the world is full of empathetic, socially-aware, talented people with drive and power to be a part of the solution – if you are one, we hope to see your Indifference Challenge project proposal!

For full information go to section 6 in our Indifference Challenge Manual.

What will my project gain by taking part in the Challenge?

You will be aware that your actions and your lack of indifference brought concrete, measurable effects – somebody was not insulted, offended, beaten up, killed. When the moment of truth comes, you will have retained your humanity and not closed your eyes to the distress of a fellow human being. You will have contributed to the creation of a tolerant, empathetic society.

As one of three winners, you will receive up to € 30 000 each in funding to make your vision come to life and gain experience in participating in a global competition organized under the auspices of the Auschwitz Pledge Foundation.

You will receive content-related, legal and formal support from the Auschwitz Pledge Foundation and its Partners all along the way.

You will gain experience working on a large-scale project that can be implemented globally – making a difference around the world.

We believe that you are able to work out a solution to indifference, and we think you might enjoy the challenge of working within a new environment and scale, while fulfilling an important mission.

Together we can diminish indifference to discrimination.

Competition timeline

These are the most important dates for participants in the competition. For full timeteble, go to section 7 in our Indifference Challenge Manual.

Submit now

Submit your project via dedicated form on SmarterSelect.com. Open call for applications runs from January 26th till an extended deadline of April 11th 2022.

This form is intended to help you make it clear what project you want to implement. It correlates directly to the Assessment Criteria by which it will be evaluated by the Competition Commit­tee. See more about it in the Indifference Challenge Manual.

We are looking for feasible project ideas that could have real impact in the world regarding the issue of indifference. This is the most important part of this com­petition and if you feel you have the right idea but are uncertain about anything concerning the participation in the competition – don’t hesitate to contact us. It is our mission to help implement the best projects possible so that we can change this world into a better place for all people!

We have created the Indifference Challenge Manual to present the competition structure and regulations. You can read the Manual on our website, or download it as a PDF file.



See our Frequently Asked Questions page here!
Feel free to reach out with any questions – e-mail us at info@auschwitzpledge.org and we will be happy to help.


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